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CyberCook-A Fresh Look-Pt. 2

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PART 1 of this blog described the fresh perspective I had after returning to using the CyberQ with CyberCook. Using it for a brief time and then returning to it after many months away gave me new insights and a better understanding on the benefits of using the CyberQ WiFi/CyberCook combinations. The other thing that happened was a new version of CyberCook, version 3, came out. and I was asked to Beta test this software. I held off writing this blog for several months until the release version was out. It made no sense to write a blog concerning the v2 software that would soon be obsolete. It turns out there were enough new features in Version 3 that I decided to write this separate entry describing what is new with Version 3. Read More...

CyberCook-A Fresh Look-Pt. 1

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This is the continuation of a recent blog entry I wrote: EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL - 2016 where I talked about using my Pit Controllers after a 6 month time out. I got a fresh perspective on things after the time away. My intention was to follow that right up with this entry on the CyberCook software I use on my iPad to control the Cyber Q WiFi. When I was getting ready to write the blog entry, I was asked to be a Beta tester for a new version of the software. I held up writing this blog entry so I wouldn’t have to worry about talking about things that may change with the new version. When I started writing this entry I decided to make it a two part entry. Part 1 (here) will discuss my fresh perspective on using CyberCook after some time away from it. PART 2 will be a discussion of the new features in CyberCook v3.0. Read More...

Everything is Under Control - 2016

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My nearly 6 month hiatus from grilling has given me a new or refreshed perspective on many things about my hobby. I was away long enough that I was forced to think again about things I took for granted. A tiny bit of the information in this entry is specific to the Big Green Egg or other Kamado type grills. Almost all of it applies to any grill or smoker you can use with a pit controller. Last year, around Christmas time, I got my first pit controller. I soon added a second one to control my baking Egg. I had about 3 months or so using pit controllers when I had to hit the pause button on grilling to take care of some important real-life issues. I have been back at it full time for about 4 months now and I have found it interesting revisiting processes again. With the pit controllers, I had a certain base knowledge, from the 3 months I used them. I have also learned some new things and changed the way I operated a little. This will eventually be a two part blog because I went through the same process with the software, CYBERCOOK I use to remotely control my CyberQ WiFi. I will write a separate entry about getting reacquainted with this aspect of using a pit controller. It may not be one of the very next entries, but coming soon. But for now lets talk pit controllers. Read More...
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