The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date Septemeber 17, 2012
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This steak from the Big Green Egg Cookbook was called Pepper-Crusted Rib-eye with Morel Cognac Cream Sauce. When I went to the butcher's to get a bone-in rib-eye, I found I could get either a Choice grade bone-in rib-eye or a Prime grade boneless rib-eye. I went for the prime grade for better taste. I also substituted brandy for the cognac in the cream sauce, which was permitted as an alternative in the recipe. The cream sauce was intended to be cooked on a cast iron skillet on the grill. While there wasn't a problem with this, I think there was a problem with the cooking temperature of 650 degrees that was called for. Every step along the way the sauce was cooking far faster than the recipe said it would. What I was left with was something that didn't look like cream sauce, but instead looked like duxelle which is used to coat the roast when making Beef Wellington. The steak was direct grilled for 6 1/2 minutes total at 650 degrees. This gave me a medium rare which was leaning towards rare. The steak was rested for 5 minutes before serving. I tested the sauce and found not only did it look like duxelle, it tasted like duxelle so I still used it to great effect. The steak was tender & moist with a crispy outer crust with peppery flavor. I want to make this steak again and I plan to cook the sauce indoors on the stove at a lower temperature of around 400 degrees. Cooking it on the grill doesn't add anything to the sauce. Instead of having to wait while the grill goes from 400 to 650 I can finish the sauce and head straight out to grill the steak. So I lose nothing and gain an easier cook in the process. This steak is well worth playing with until I get it right.
Recipe Source:
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Big Green Egg Cookbook

Big Green Egg Cookbook

Pepper-Crusted Rib-Eye Steak with Morel Cognac Cream Sauce - Page 295.
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Big Green Egg

Direct Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker.
  • BGE Cast Iron Grill Grid
  • 12" Cast IRon Skillet
  • SR 19" Locking Tongs
  • Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Lump Charcoal