The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: March 30, 2016
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This day marked the release of Eric Mitchell’s second Big Green Egg cookbook: More BBQ and Grilling. I just had to celebrate by making something quick from the book. This SPAM Burger immediately caught my fancy. It was relatively quick, definitely different and a bit decadent since SPAM is not exactly healthy food. Oh and did I mention it was topped with Velvet “cheese”. The other topping consisted of grilled pineapples. I managed to mess up this recipe, but also managed to pull off a partial recovery. The ground SPAM also used Panko bread crumbs and an egg to help the meat hold together. When I formed the patties I realized I hadn’t added the egg. The mixture was loose and I was worried it would stick to the grill griddle and tear apart. I put the burger patties in the freezer for 30 minutes to help stiffen them up. I also made sure the griddle was well oiled. These steps helped, but I also breathed a sigh of relief when I got the cheese on, which I figured would serve as a topping and a binder. The burgers were very good and definitely a change of pace. Next time I make these will change 3 things: 1) Remember the Egg (my bad), 2) Use the “Less sodium” version of SPAM. SPAM is one of those meats that seems to become extra salty when grilled, and 3) I would probably leave out the Kosher salt in the burger mix. Did I like these? Notice I said: “Next time i make these.
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Mourad New Moroccan

More BBQ and Grilling:

SPAM Burgers - eBook
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Big Green Egg

Direct Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker.
  • Zero Tare Kitchen Scale
  • KA Stand Mixer
  • KA Meat Grinding Attachment
  • BGE Half Moon Cast Iron Grill Griddle (Smooth Side Up) x2
  • 19" Grill Spatula
  • SR 19" Locking Tongs
  • BBG-Cyber Q WiFi Pit Controller
  • Ranch-T Lump Charcoal