The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: August 15, 2016
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Several things came together to get me to try this recipe. I have long wanted to make more fish, fish is a quick cook and relatively simple to make, my butcher has fish fish brought in daily and my new low sodium diet. It was relatively easy to take the sodium out of the recipe. This recipe from the Amazing Ribs website adapted a recipe for pan seared salmon over a salad to use haddock and skip the salad. I started with fresh haddock that was seasoned with a fish rub recipe included with the recipe. This fish was cooked under high heat (550F) on a cast iron griddle in a closed grill. This combines the sear from the grill griddle with oven baking. In a restaurant the fish gets pan seared and then finished in the oven. This methods allows you to combine the cooking methods. After the griddle was coated with olive oil, the haddock was placed on the griddle flesh side down, some dried oregano was sprinkle on the hot coals and the lid was closed. The haddock was cooked on the first side for 5 minutes and flipped. It cooked for an additional 5 minutes on the second side until it reached an internal temperature of 130 degrees. It went straight to the table and was served. The haddock had great flavor form the rub and a subtle fish flavor (not the “strong “fishy” flavor many people hate) and was very moist. There was a subtle hint of oregano too. It is interesting, because as I have less salt and sodium in my food I am detecting more subtle flavors. But to sum up this is a great way to cook up some fresh fish fillets.
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Here is the companion fish rub recipe from Meathead’s website:
Low Sodium Diet Changes:
As of July 2016 I need to be on a very low sodium diet. Six days a week I am limited to 1,000 mg. of sodium and on Saturdays I am allowed to have 1,500 mg. I have been learning how to adapt certain recipes to make them very low sodium. I also need to watch my intake of potassium chloride which is used in some salt substitutes to replace sodium chloride. I figured for anyone else trying to watch their sodium intake, I would describe some of the changes I made, together with any comments about the relative success or failure of the tweaks I made. Those of you who can handle more sodium can certainly make the recipe as originally written.
Big Picture: This meal was low sodium to begin with. I used a 4 oz serving of haddock fillet to help with both calories and sodium. The sodium content was 80mg. I made a microwave bag of frozen peppers which was all of 10mg. of sodium. So the only changes I needed to make was to use Mrs Dash Table blend in the rub in lieu of salt.


  • The fish rub used no salt as written so no tweaks were necessary.
  • Used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of Kosher salt to season the fish before grilling.

Comments: The fish turned out great. It had good flavor even without the salt and as I mentioned my taste buds seem to be detecting some more subtle flavors in food now that I have cut back on sodium. I am not saying this is better, but it is a small compensation for not being able to use salt.
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Big Green Egg

Griddle Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker
  • CGS-Adjustable Rig
  • CGS-Sliding Oval Grid
  • BGE Half Moon Cast Iron Grill Griddle (Smooth Side Up)
  • SR Fish Spatula
  • Rockwood Lump Charcoal
  • Stump Chunks Fire Starter
  • Thermapen Super-Fast Thermometer