The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke

PAELLA CARNE (Meat Paella)

  Date: May 05, 2012
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This will mark the 4th weekend in a row I've made paellas & 3 out of 4 weekends for a gazpacho (chilled soup) to go with it. When I was asked last weekend what paella I was doing this weekend I was surprised. I figured everyone would be sick of paellas. Instead they wanted more, which is a good sign folks like what your making. My dad added that while he loved the vegetarian paella we were having (PAELLA VEGETARTINA), he wished it had meat in it too. So I shelved the Green Paella I was planning to make & I decided to try making the paella & gazpacho from a different author. I loved the Paellas from Paella, Paella, but I wanted to try something different. I found a recipe called Paella Carne (Meat Paella) which fit the bill nicely. It used different temperatures and different sequences than other paellas I've made & sounded interesting. On this warm spring day this paella was paired with some GAZPACHO ON FIRE (cold soup) a Stephen Raichlen recipe for a grilled gazpacho, followed by Helado de Canela (Cinnamon Ice Cream) for dessert. I will let the pictures describe the cooking method & will cut right to the chase: Of the 4 paellas I've made these last 4 weeks, this was the best. The combination of sauteeing & braising made for a tasty tender meat & the rice was infused with all sorts of wonderful flavor. The grilled GAZPACHO ON FIRE turned out to be everyone's favorite gazpacho too. The CINNAMON ICE CREAM had already received 5 stars & I actually made a few minor improvements on that. So we all had quite the treat this day.
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