The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: June 25, 2011
  Favorite: Paella
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I've had this recipe from Paella, Paella on my To-Do list since the day I got the book nearly 3 years ago now. There were some hard to get ingredients which I think is what took me so long. This different take on paellas was definitely worth making. In fact I'd have to say I think the unusual flavors make it my favorite paella that I've made to date. What makes this paella somewhat different is it is the combination of two popular Spanish dishes: the Paella and Picadillo which is a tasty treat often made in the summer. This recipe had you make up a batch of picadillo and while you were cooking that up, you were making a bare bones paella consisting of rice, saffron & broth. Both recipes are simmered down until the liquids were absorbed. Then during the last five minutes the picadillo is added on top of the paella. This was one of the more complicated paella cooks I've done and took a little bit of advanced planning, because you need to have the paella and the picadillo finish up together. Cooking it all on the grill gave me a definite advantage, both in terms of real estate and flavor. Once again I got the soccorat, which is the crispy rice on the bottom which is the badge of honor for paellas. Think smoke rings on ribs. The large space afforded me on my 6-burner gas grill allowed me to make this easily where I'm not so sure all of the pans I needed would have fit at once on my stove. At one point I had the paella pan, a large saute pan and a medium sautee pan going on the main burners and medium sauce pan going on the side burner. I must say: Paellas have certainly improved my prep and cooking skills. The reward for all this work is a simply wonderful dish with unique flavors. The raisins soaked in sherry, the three meats and the chili peppers and all the other flavors, helped make this my favorite Paella to date.
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Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Paella. Paella:

Paella de Picadillo - Page 62
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Kenmore Elite Gas Grill

Direct Grilled:

Using Kenmore Elite Gas Grill
  • 16" S-S Paella Pan
  • 19” Locking Tongs