The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: April 20, 2010
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This was the first recipe I’ve attempted from the Pizza on the Grill cookbook. I actually made two different types of pizza this night, the other being the QUEEN MARGHERITA PIZZA. The dough recipes, GRILLED PIZZA DOUGH - FAST, make enough for two 12” pizzas. The cookbook is interesting because it gives you all kinds of options depending on if you have a lot of time or if you want to eat in 30 minutes. It also gives you options for store bought and homemade versions of the sauces. I elected on this night to make the quick dough, which takes 30 minutes total, and a homemade sauce that was used on two pizzas I was interested in.

This pizza used crushed tomato sauce, browned hot sausage, sweet & hot smoke roasted pickled peppers, topped with Monterey Jack & mozzarella cheese. The authors also have you make a spicy topping mix they add to many of there pizzas after they come off the grill, along with kosher salt & black pepper. There cooking method is similar but different than the method i have been using. They start with all burners lit and when it is time to top the pizza you actually remove it from the grill. When it is topped it goes back on the grill and you turn off the burners directly under the pizza and finish it indirectly. This method seems to have some advantages I will probably discuss in a future blog.

The pizza was wonderful, I made sure to get my temps right and I was rewarded with a golden brown and crispy crust. The hot sausage & pickled peppers were very tangy. The additions of the salt, pepper & the topping mix really helped bring out the flavors. All-in-all a great inaugural run from this cookbook.
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Pizza on the Grill
Pizza on the Grill:
Sausage & Sweet Pepper Pizza - Page 28
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Kenmore Elite Gas Grill

Direct & Indirect Grilled:

Using Kenmore Elite Gas Grill
  • Wood Pizza Peel
  • SR 19" Locking Tongs