The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: September 10, 2016
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I stumbled onto this recipe while looking for something else on the Food Network and it looked very interesting. I had never eaten or made turkey tenderloins before and they looked good. I planned on adapting it so instead of oven roasted I was grill roasting it. This meal also included some red new potatoes cooked along with the turkey, and I added some GRILLED CARROTS v2 to the mix. The carrots were direct grilled separately. The first step was to make the pesto and then brush it over the 4 tenderloins.The potatoes were arranged in the pan around the tenderloins. The Egg was setup for indirect grill and preheated to 400 degrees under the watchful eye of a Cyber Que WiFi pit controller. The turkey cooked for around 45 minutes until it had reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees. The turkey rested for 10 minutes, during which time I grilled the carrots. I sliced the tenderloins into 1/2” thick slices, plated them with the potatoes and sprinkled them with cilantro. The turkey had wonderful flavor from the pesto plus a little smoke flavor from the grill. It was fairly moist and very tender. With the GRILLED CARROTS v2 this was a tasty and well rounded meal.
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CI Summer Grilling Guide-2010
the food - Robin Miller:

Sage Crusted Turkey Tenderloin
Low Sodium Diet Changes:
As of July 2016 I need to be on a very low sodium diet. Six days a week I am limited to 1,000 mg. of sodium and on Saturdays I am allowed to have 1,500 mg. I have been learning how to adapt certain recipes to make them very low sodium. I also need to watch my intake of potassium chloride which is used in some salt substitutes to replace sodium chloride. I figured for anyone else trying to watch their sodium intake, I would describe some of the changes I made, together with any comments about the relative success or failure of the tweaks I made. Those of you who can handle more sodium can certainly make the recipe as originally written.
Big Picture: This recipe really didn’t take much work to be low sodium. Simply substitute for the salt in the pesto and at the table. The glazed carrots the I served with this had next to no sodium. The only real source of sodium was the parmesan cheese, but spread across 4 servings it only 55mg. of sodium per serving.


  • I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of table salt to season the pesto.
  • I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of table salt to season the turkey at the table after cooking. But I found it didn’t need it.

Comments: This was a very tasty meal and to me the lack of sodium didn’t seem to affect the taste one bit.
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Big Green Egg

Indirect Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker.
  • CGS Adjustable Rig
  • CGS-Oval Pizza Stone (Level 1.5)
  • CGS AR Sliding Oval Grid (Level 4.5)
  • CGS-13" s/s Drip Pan
  • BGE S-S Grill Grid
  • BBG-Cyber Q WiFi Pit Controller
  • W-S Meatball Grill Pan
  • Leather Welder's Gloves
  • Stump Chunks Fire Starter
  • Rockwood Lump Charcoal