The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: September 11, 2016
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This recipe was intended as a use for leftover steak. I didn’t have leftover steak per se, I had seen some wonderful looking USDA Prime Grade N.Y. Strip Steaks and was looking for something to use one with. I am not a big fan of salads (something that must change now), but grill the salad or throw in some meat or poultry on a fresh salad and I love it. I used some olive oil and Mrs Dash’s Steak Seasoning on the steaks and direct grilled them at 450 degrees to a 135 degree medium rare. I sliced the steaks thin and let them cool before adding to the salad. I made some changes for low sodium reasons and personal taste reason. The recipe suggested topping the salad with crumbled blue cheese and I eliminated this mostly because I am not a fan of blue cheese and also for sodium reasons. I didn’t want to use the french fried onions and instead found some low sodium croutons. I would have preferred the croutons anyway even if I wasn’t watching my sodium. The salad was excellent: the steak was tasty with a flavorful & crusty outer bark and the veggies in the salad were crisp and flavorful and the vinaigrette dressing gave it a wonderful bite. This was my kind of salad in every way.
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Low Sodium Diet Changes:
As of July 2016 I need to be on a very low sodium diet. Six days a week I am limited to 1,000 mg. of sodium and on Saturdays I am allowed to have 1,500 mg. I have been learning how to adapt certain recipes to make them very low sodium. I also need to watch my intake of potassium chloride which is used in some salt substitutes to replace sodium chloride. I figured for anyone else trying to watch their sodium intake, I would describe some of the changes I made, together with any comments about the relative success or failure of the tweaks I made. Those of you who can handle more sodium can certainly make the recipe as originally written.
Big Picture: This salad did require some work to get it to be low sodium, most of it was easy. Using a salt substitute was easy. The Worcestershire sauce, while high in sodium was a sufficiently small quantity so it didn’t have a huge impact. The other items that contributed to the sodium count were things I didn’t like anyway: blue cheese and french fried onions. While I like cheese on my salads, blue cheese is not one of them. I elected to skip the cheese, but you could serve it on the side as an optional topping for those who could eat it. I would much rather have croutons than French fried onions and to my surprise I managed to find some low sodium croutons where I could have 6 of them without breaking the sodium bank. This is better than it sounds because these were larger sized croutons than normal.


  • I used Mrs. Dash Steak Grilling Blend in lieu of Kosher salt to season the steak for grilling.
  • I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of table salt to season the dressing.
  • I eliminated the blue cheese.
  • I switched out the French fried onions for low sodium croutons.
  • I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of table salt to season the salad at the table.

Comments: This was an excellent salad. It took a fair amount of tweaking to get it to meet my target sodium count. I can’t say that this salad tasted exactly like the version in the recipe, but what I ended up with was certainly no disappointment.
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Big Green Egg

Direct Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker.
  • BGE Cast Iron Grill Grid
  • 19" Grill Spatula
  • Stump Chunks Fire Starter
  • Rockwood Lump Charcoal