The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: May 11, 2014
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I was looking forward to this stir-fry for several reasons. It promise to be very spicy because of the Szechuan Chili Paste it used. The hottest dish I have made to date used half the amount used here, so I knew this one would be VERY spicy. It also used the wok to deep fry the beef, a technique I've wanted to learn. The advantage is it uses quite a bit less oil than doing it in my Dutch oven or a deep fat fryer. I deep fried the beef first and it turned out well. I cleaned the wok thoroughly and returned to the grill to finish the rest of the cook. Everything was going well until I got ready to pull the wok at the end of the stir-fry. I discovered at this point I had left the welders gloves I handle the wok with in the Kitchen. I pushed the food up onto the side of the wok to get it out of the highest heat, but some of the beef was shall we say a little extra crispy. I was still happy because I know I had figured out a good setup and time for deep frying the beef. Next time I need to make sure I have my gloves at the ready. As for the dish, it was spicy indeed!! It had great flavor, but the chili paste bordered on bringing tears to my eyes. I do want to try it again cooked the right length of time. But if all my boo boos turn out this well, I will be happy.
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Recipe Source:
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Webers Art of the Grill
The Food & Cooking of Sichuan & West China
Crispy Chili Beef - Page 102
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Big Green Egg

Direct Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker.
  • Zero Tare Kitchen Scale
  • CGS Wok Spider
  • 16" Hand Hammered Wok
  • Wok Chuan (Spatula)
  • Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Lump Charcoal