The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: August 30, 2016
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I wanted to make some “baked” potatoes that weren’t just simple smoked potatoes and I really couldn’t due twice smoked/baked potatoes because the recipes I had on hand used fillings that were over the top on sodium. The potatoes were scrubbed clean and cut in half. They were seasoned all over with some Dizzy Pig No Sodium Dizzy Dust while they were still damp, which helps hold the rub on and allow it to soak in a bit. This is one of these days I enjoy because all 3 Eggs are in use baking, smoking and grilling up a storm. The potatoes were placed flesh side up on an Egg set up for smoke roasting at 325 degrees under the control of my second Cyber Que WiFi. The Cyber Que WiFi has 3 food probes which allowed me to monitor the temperature of the potatoes an addition to controlling the grill temperature. The potatoes were pulled at about 205 degrees internal temperature. I removed the Adjustable Rig which exposed my cast iron grill grate. The cat iron grill grate had been sitting on the ceramic fire ring with the Adjustable Rig sitting on top. The potatoes were brushed on all sides with melted butter and were returned to the grill for direct grilling. They were grilled for 5 minutes a side flesh side down and then were flipped over for a final 5 minutes on the skin side . The end results were really great. The potatoes had a great flavor from the rub and butter and the fleshy side was slightly crispy from the roasting and grilling. These potatoes are easy to make and taste great. Plus if you aren’t under any dietary restrictions there are all sorts of other fixings and fillings you can use during the cook or afterwards. To be honest I really liked the simplicity of the basic recipe and the great flavors you got from this.
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Low Sodium Diet Changes:
As of July 2016 I need to be on a very low sodium diet. Six days a week I am limited to 1,000 mg. of sodium and on Saturdays I am allowed to have 1,500 mg. I have been learning how to adapt certain recipes to make them very low sodium. I also need to watch my intake of potassium chloride which is used in some salt substitutes to replace sodium chloride. I figured for anyone else trying to watch their sodium intake, I would describe some of the changes I made, together with any comments about the relative success or failure of the tweaks I made. Those of you who can handle more sodium can certainly make the recipe as originally written.
Big Picture: This recipe was very low in sodium after you swapped out the salt and used a no sodium rub.


  • I used Mrs. Dash Table Blend in lieu of Kosher salt to season the veggies.
  • I used Dizzy Pig No Sodium Dizzy Dust for the rub. Regular BBQ rubs are usually very high in sodium.
  • I used Unsalted Butter to brush the potatoes

Comments: These potatoes came out excellently. They had great taste and did not seem lacking in sodium in any way.
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Big Green Egg

Smoke Roasted & Grilled:

Using the Big Green Egg Kamado Cooker
  • CGS-Adjustable Rig
  • CGS-Oval Pizza Stone (Level 1.5)
  • CGS AR Sliding D Grid (Level 4.5)
  • BBG-Cyber Q WiFi Pit Controller
  • BGE S-S Grill Grid
  • SR 19" Locking Tongs
  • 19" Grill Spatula
  • Stump Chunks Fire Starter
  • Oak Wood Chips
  • Rockwood Lump Charcoal