The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke



If you are unfamiliar with Google Maps here are some quick tips on using the BBQ Trail Map.

Clicking on the thumbnail map in the top right hand corner lets you toggle between two types of Maps, Satellite and Conventional Maps.

Use the map toggle, found in the top right corner, to switch between the two map types. The Earth thumbnail switches to Google Earth, which is not useful for this map.

The two map types are conventional MAP (left) and SATELLITE (right). The one you choose is a matter of personal preferences.

Clicking on area on the map and holding the mouse button down causes the cursor to change to a clenched fist icon and allows you to drag the point you are clenching to a new position. This is often the fastest and most accurate way to maneuver around.

Click & hold the mouse button down to move the map by dragging. The cursor will change from an arrow to a clenched fist. Release the mouse button to stop dragging.

The navigation controls on the top left of the screen also allow you to move in several different ways. Click on the Hand Icon (left) and you will return to your previous view. click on the arrows to move about 1/4 of the screen in the direction the arrow points to (right).

To zoom in and out you may use either the “+” or “-” symbols on the navigation controls, or the slider found between the “+” & “-” symbols. TIP: The screen is zoomed around the center of the screen. Before zooming, move the area you wish to enlarge to the center of the screen.

Double clicking on a pin on the map brings up a popup showing the recipe name, where the recipe is from, a link to the Picture Entry on Grillin' & Smokin' and a thumbnail picture of the recipe.

Double clicking on a pin brings up an information popup.

There is an alphabetical list of the recipes by name running down the left hand side of the Map Window. Clicking on a link moves the map to show the appropriate pin and brings up the information popup. This popup is the same one you also get when you click on a pin.

Clicking on a link in the link list running down the left side of the window moves the map to show that recipe’s pin on the map and opens up the information popup for that pin.

If you wish to see more photos of a particular recipe, you can use the “Index by Name” Link in the masthead at the top of the page to bring up an alphabetized list of the recipe names. Use these links to visit the Photo Page for that recipe.

Clicking on the “Go to Picture Entry” link in the information popup brings you to a the Picture Page for that recipe, where you can view more photos, read a brief description of the recipes and see the source of the recipe.