The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke

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  Date: November 11, 2015
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Stuffed roasts like Matambres & Pinwheel Roasts CAN be difficult to cut, but they don't have to be.
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Clean Up Your Act
 Baking Tip
An accessory blade for your KitchenAid Stand Mixer will keep the bowl clean and speed up your mixing tasks.
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Using an Apple Coring Tool makes quick work of coring & seeding Roma tomatoes.
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Cleanly cutting a Quesadilla can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be.
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Simple solution to mounting the blower unit in cold weather
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Got a Spare Temp Probe? Use it to graph outside air temps.
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Some tips for dealing with a weak WiFi signal out at the grill.
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Using a stand mixer to shred meat makes the process effortless
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A cautionary tale (warning) & Tip to help prolong the life of your remote read temperature probes
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FoodSaver bags aren't just great for storage, they make great custom-sized marinade bags.
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FoodSaver canisters are great ways to store brown sugar so they don't get hard over time.
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Some grill grates can be used on both sides to tailor you results to the of
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Some tips on things you can do to insure your Quesadillas come out perfectly every time.
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I was pleased to discover that in addition to its normal uses, a pair of BGE Cast Iron Griddle Grates work well as a panini press.
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If you are taking photos of your cook anyway, here are a couple photos you should take to help with future preps. Find out how here.
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An unexpected bonus of owning the Adjustable Rig is it helps you keep the lid closed longer on your BGE.
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The Large Spider has several other good uses besides supporting a wok.
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I recently learned the Lower your cooking temp, the Lower the time you should keep the lid open.
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Make Ahead Pulled Pork
 FoodSaver Tip
You can use your FoodSaver to let you make pulled pork ahead of time & get better results
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Some of the items I have learned that have made multi-Items cooks easier to do for me.
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How to use a combination of the Thermapen & remote read thermometer to insure a PERFECTLY cooked lamb.
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Taking photos of your damper settings will help you learn your grill more quickly
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Pre-Flight Testing
 Tip / How To
Pre-testing your grill set up before you even fire up the grill, can avoid many nasty problems,
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An inexpensive plastic ring makes transporting your propane cylinder VERY safe.
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Need some extra work space out at your grill that is quick to set up, sturdy & easy to use? You may have just what you need in your workshop.
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How I got perfectly round slices of cheese from a square slice.
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Besides letting your BGE heat up as quickly as possible, leaving the metal cap off allows you to do several other things.
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Shoot the Label
 Photo Tip
Shooting the labels on your main dish can help you in the future. Find out how here.
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Some tips about smoking with wood chips or chunks,
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Step by step pictures & directions on how to spatchcock (butterfly) a whole chicken. Also find out why you might want to do this.
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In case you weren't aware of it, the BGE Dome Thermometer can continue right off the high end of the scale.
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Step by step pictures & directions on how to tie a Butcher's slip knot essential for tying roasts for the rotisserie or stuffed roasts.
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Some simple copper plumbing T's can help you get more even cooking on the bottoms of your food, baked goods & pizzas when using the ceramic plate setter.
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How to successfully use wood chips on your gas grill for even short cooks.
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Using your zero tare scale for cumulative on the fly measurements using one container.
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