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  Date: October 2, 2014
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  SOURCE:  Wicked Good Burgers
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 18, 2013
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This burger from Wicked Good Burgers was even better than the one they called Our Perfect Burgers (described below). As it is typical in this cookbook: you ground your own beef and pork mixture, make your own pretzel buns and made it flavorful cheese topping to finish off the burgers. The Mindy's Pretzel Buns were about the best hamburger rolls I've ever tasted and are listed as one of my Baking Favorites. These burgers were a tremendous surprise because somehow on paper they didn't look like they could possibly taste as great as they did.

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  SOURCE:  Serious Barbecue
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  December 19, 2011
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These burgers were Adam Perry Lang's take on the ultimate burger. Rather than take lean meat and then add things back in to try and restore the moisture, he simply used 70% lean beef with little Worcestershire sauce added in. The burgers were seasoned outside with a seasoned salt. The burgers were cooked directly to achieve a sear and then finished indirectly on the griddle to get it crispy tasty crust. The burgers were brushed with a butter sauce while griddle grilling and were serve with some griddle grilled onions. These decadent burgers were some of the best burgers I've ever had.

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  SOURCE:  Mastering the Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  October 18, 2007
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This very simple burger can be easy to make once you get the technique right. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure where it uses canned chili and cheese as an internal stuffing. You make two patties which are half the weight you intend for your finished patty. The bottom patty receives canned chili and shredded cheddar cheese. The upper patty goes over the top and the edges are sealed together. This is the only tricky part of making this burger. You don't want to overfill the burger and you must seal the edges completely or the fillings will start oozing out and causing massive flareups. It took me a few tries to get things just right, but the end product is well worth the effort. You get a juicy burger that is tasty both inside and out.

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  SOURCE:  Build a Better Burger
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 18, 2007
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The simple burger is a case of less being more. The meat patty is seasoned on the inside with some Cuban influence spices. The burger is topped with some grilled ham, cheese and a doctored mustard blend. Although it sounds simple, the taste is hardly that. These are very flavorful burgers and are easy to make if you don't have much time.

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  SOURCE:  Grill It!!
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 10, 2014
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This recipe produced a Lamb burger so good that my father, traditionally a lamb-hater, was going around his plate picking up every scrap of meat left behind. The burgers were highly seasoned with Moroccan influenced spices. The burgers also used a delicious salsa made from beets, oranges and lemons. For the final touch I baked up a batch of hamburger rolls on the Egg to go with them. He's one of the tastiest burgers I have ever eaten.

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  SOURCE:  Wicked Good Burgers
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 11, 2013
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This was the authors of Wicked Good Burgers take on the ultimate burger. They pulled out all the stops, from making your own condiments, to grinding your own meat and baking your own hamburger buns. These burgers were about as good as it gets, But my pleasant surprise there were some burgers I like even better in this book, one of which is the Brat Burgers described above.

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  SOURCE:  Cook's Illustrated Summer Grilling 2010
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 25, 2010
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These burgers promised an almost steak like experience. This was achieved by using a barbecue sauce and other spices on the inside to help keep it moist. For additional flavor it used additional seasonings on outside. The patties were 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick and they were seared directly and then finished indirectly. Woodsmoke was used to give it additional flavor. These burgers lived up to their billing and it was almost like eating a small steak.

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  SOURCE:  My Own Concoction
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  August 07, 2012
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For my first burgers on the Big Green Egg I wanted something special. I had my butcher grind up some beef tri-tip, which had in the past made some of the tastiest burgers I've ever had. I also got some thick sliced Vermont cheddar cheese and some thick sliced bacon while I was there. I also baked my own hamburger rolls for this inaugural burger. The burger was cooked for three minutes per side at 600 degrees (315 C). The resulting burger was tasty on the inside like I had come to expect from beef tri-tip. The outside had a tasty crispy almost crust-like skin that told me I was really onto something with this new grill.


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  Date: October 2, 2014
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