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FAVORITE FOODS - Quesadillas

  Date: October 2, 2014
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  SOURCE:  My Own Concoction
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  April 28, 2011
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This was a spur of the moment quesadilla made from leftover tortillas and various other leftovers in the fridge. The inspiration for these were the Brunch Quesadillas listed below. I grilled up some spam on the open grill and cook some scrambled eggs on the flattop grill griddle. Grilling the spam really brought out some extra flavor. I added these to the tortillas and topped with a four cheese Mexican cheese blend and some freshly chopped chives. These quesadillas couldn't have been easier to make and had great taste.

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  SOURCE:  Weber's Time to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  April 11, 2011
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These tasty quesadillas were made from chopped up grilled steak, eggs, hot peppers, chopped fresh cilantro and a four cheese Mexican cheese blend. The steak was cooked first and cut into cubes. The tortillas were placed on the grill and the egg for cracked open onto the bottom for tortillas to begin to cook. The other toppings were added as the eggs continue to cook. The tortillas for the top were grilling while bottom ones were being topped with the ingredients. The top tortillas were added and then the entire assembly was flipped so the top tortilla it was on the grill. These tortillas were very tasty and the fresh cilantro and hot peppers gave you little boasts of flavor.

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  SOURCE:  Good Housekeeping - Grilling for Everyday - Summer 2009
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  July 6, 2009
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The Cuban is essentially a Cuban Version of the Italian panini. This is the Cuban done as a quesadilla. The ingredients are the same: slices of ham and roast pork, thin pickle slices cut lengthwise, Swiss cheese placed on a quesadilla coated with mustard on the inside and butter on the outside. The recipe describe these as appetizers, But in my book they're good enough to be the main course.

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  SOURCE:  My Own Concoction
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  November 30, 2010
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This was a wonderful way of using some leftovers from Thanksgiving after I did already served several meals. I used leftover tart cranberry dipping sauce as a condiment to spread on the tortillas. I then added chopped up turkey, stuffing, green beans, some diced onions and some shredded mozzarella cheese. This was a great use of these leftovers. It was different enough that you didn't feel like saying: "Oh no, not more turkey again!"


People are always asking me what my favorite recipes are. This section had it's origins in a seven part BLOG entry I wrote in 2011 called A Few of My Favorite Things. I have made many great dishes since then and also started making other types of foods such as Stir Fries. This section needed to be updated and expanded to stay current or be dropped. I chose the later and you have the results of my reworking the section in the Fall of 2014
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The QUESADILLAS section of the site has a relatively small amount if entries and they have all been good. I am including 4 here, listed in alphabetical order but unranked.

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