The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: October 2, 2014
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  SOURCE:  Serious Barbecue
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  January 15, 2011
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This was a sub-recipe recipe for the Pork Belly Sandwiches. Grated Granny Smith apples, cinnamon sticks and apple cider are combined in a foil pan which is sealed on top. The pan goes out to the grill and is grilled over medium heat for 20 minutes. The contents of the pan, plus some apple cider vinegar and brown sugar are added to the bowl of a food processor and puréed. I am not a huge applesauce fan, But this recipe made applesauce even I like.

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  SOURCE:  Cook's Illustrated Summer Grilling Guide 2010
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  January 15, 2011
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This recipe was a companion recipe to the Smoked Pork Chops recipe which made my pork favorites. This recipe is actually done on the stove is cooked until it is rich thick and syrupy. It is relatively quick to make and is an excellent companion to any pork dish and many others.

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  SOURCE:  America's Best BBQ
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  March 19, 2011
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This was my favorite smoked baked beans recipe, until I made the K.C. Smoked Beans recipe listed below. To my great surprise this doctored beans recipe, using store-bought beans, beat out some very good totally homemade baked bean recipes. It uses a ton of ingredients, many are common in in baked bean recipes, and some like golden raisins are not. Some of the ingredients are sautéed prior to being cut up. Others are added straight to a large foil pan and combined with the cooked ingredients. The pan of beans goes out to the smoker, where it is cooked low and slow for three hours. The recipe originally called for doing the baking in the oven and using liquid smoke. I figured why use liquid smoke and an oven? I could let it ride piggyback with something else I am smoking on my smoker.

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  SOURCE:  Mastering the Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 26, 2006
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There are three keys to getting these grilled potato chips right. First you need a way to slice the potatoes really thin. My mandolin slicer took care of that chore. The second key is to make sure the grill is not too hot. You want to medium-low to medium heat. Anything higher than that and the potatoes will burn in the blink of an eye. The last key is having some sort of open for perforated grill tray. This will allow the chips to grill and not fall through the grill grate openings. Get these three things right and you are guaranteed some great potato chips.

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  SOURCE:  The Kamado Grill Cookbook
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  August 22, 2015
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These beans were a total surprise. I was making Tri-tip this same day and wanted a doctored baked beans recipe to go with the Tri-tip. I was feeling a bit lazy and looked for something out of the same cookbook. The author got the recipe from a BBQ joint and called the beans “out of this world”. They were relatively easy to make and I didn’t expect anything special from them. One interesting twist was the beans were cooked in the restaurant under beef briskets so the dripping beef fat helped flavor the beans. The beans used a Kansas City style BBQ sauce as an ingredient. Between the BBQ sauce you choose and the type of fat (if any) you let drip onto the beans, your mileage may vary. Using K.C. Masterpiece Original Recipe sauce and Tri-tip fat, these were the best baked beans I, or my guests, had ever tasted.

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  SOURCE:  Stephen Raichlen’s Project Smoke (TV Show)
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  February 27, 2016
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You may be wondering why there are 6 side dishes listed here and 3 of them are beans. Well I grew up near Boston and Beans & Franks were the typical Saturday night meal the first 18 years of my life. When I picked this recipe from Project Smoke I chose it to go along with another recipe from the same show. Both looked good and the other recipe BIG BAD BEEF RIBS also made this list. Two items that make the Favorites list from the same meal, now that is what I call fine dining. These beans had a great smokey flavor from the hickory wood used. There were all sorts of other flavors, subtle and not so subtle in play too. What put these beans over the top for me was their spicy kick. I am not sure what gave it this spiciness, but it was there. There were relatively small amounts of Dijon Mustard and Mustard Powder, but I can’t see that doing it. In any event these beans were a smokey and tasty with a kick and some of the best beans I have tried.


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