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  Date: December 31, 2014
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  SOURCE:  Mastering the Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  January 26, 2009
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These were a surprise all the way around. I am not an asparagus lover but I liked this easy to prepare recipe. The fresh asparagus were speared with bamboo skewers to form raft which kept them from falling through the grill great. After a quick five minute grill the asparagus were taken back indoors where they were wrapped in prosciutto and seasoned with Parmesan cheese. All of the flavors went very well together and the asparagus had crispy, but not too tough, texture to them.

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  SOURCE:  Bobby Flay's BBQ Addiction
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  April 04, 2014
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This recipe made essentially sweet potato steak fries, but the end results were better than I imagined. The sweet potatoes were par boiled and cut into wedges. The glaze consisting of brown sugar, rum and various herbs was made on the stove reduced until was thick sticky texture. The fries were direct grilled on the two fleshy sides and then were brushed with the glaze. The end result was a bit of a surprise: After only a minute of grilling, the glaze helped crisp up the outer skins of the sweet potatoes. The insides remained soft fleshy.

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  SOURCE:  Weber's Time to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  June 11, 2011
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This tasty hash made from various fruits, veggies , fresh herbs and addressing was an interesting experience. The recipe called for it to be cooked over indirect low heat on a grill. I change that over to using the smoker so I could add some wood smoke. The recipe said it should cook up in about 25 minutes but instead it took 75. It was worth the wait and this dish would make an excellent side dish for almost any meal. It actually is good enough it could be served by itself to people who really like veggies and fruit.

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  SOURCE:  America's Best BBQ
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  June 11, 2011
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This dish was surprisingly easy to make. It uses thawed frozen hash brown potatoes, sour cream, butter, cheese, diced onion, cream of chicken soup and some salt-and-pepper. The ingredients are all mixed together and then placed in a foil pan. There were smoked for three hours using pecan wood. Initially I had been worried this dish would only work with certain meals. Nothing could be farther from the truth: this dish would go well with any meal.

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  SOURCE:  Weber's Way to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  June 10, 2009
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Until I began stir-frying these were the best green beans I ever had. They are still the best grilled green beans. Best part is they are very simple to make. You make a lemon oil by heating some EVOO to a boil and placing lemon peel, thin sliced garlic and red pepper flakes in it while it cools. After an hour the solids are removed from the oil in the oil is brushed on the green beans which are then direct grilled over medium heat. I never expected this relatively simple recipe to turn out such great green beans.

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  SOURCE:  Serious Barbecue
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 2, 2011
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As is typical of Adam Perry Lang recipe, this dish had multiple layers of flavor replied to it, both during and after the cooking. After the asparagus were direct grilled, they were brush with a sherry-shallot vinaigrette dressing. Then they were covered with fresh tarragon leaves. When they were plated they were covered with more of the vinaigrette dressing and some fresh lemon juice. Needless to say this made for a very tasty side dish.

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  SOURCE:  How to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  January 26, 2006
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This is my favorite way to make corn on the grill. The husks are removed from the corn in the corn is brushed with butter and season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper before going on the grill. The corn is then grilled for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes per side x 4 sides. What is great about doing the corn this way, is when it comes inside you just start eating it. You aren't trying to take husks off hot corn or watching the corn cool down while you try to butter and season. The corn is good to go as soon as it is off the grill. Grilling out of the husk also gives it a great grilled/smoky flavor.

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  SOURCE: website
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  November 27, 2010
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This famous recipe originated at a hotel in Stockholm Sweden. The potatoes are field in series of thin slices are made that go close to, but not through, the bottom. The potatoes are placed in a shallow foil pan and are brushed with butter, after which chicken stock is poured over them along with some other seasonings. They are indirect grilled for 30 minutes in our basted every five minutes with the butter/chicken stock mixture. They are sprinkled with a mixture of parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs and are cooked for an additional 30 minutes. These potatoes were extremely flavorful and all of the additional surface area created when slitting the potatoes gave you more exposed surfaces to receive the flavors.

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  SOURCE:  Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Grilling
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 27, 2009
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This recipe is short on time required to make it and long on flavor. Sweet potatoes are cut into wedges and par-boiled. Then they are brushed with a glaze before before going onto the grill. The two changes I made to this recipe the second time around was to use a grill basket to grill the pieces in and I reduced the heat from Medium-High to Medium. This gave me time to grill up the wedges before the sugary glaze began to burn.

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  SOURCE:  virtualweberbullet website
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  December 31, 2016
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There is a saying by a famous architect that “Less is More”. The potatoes are a prime example of this. About the simplest prep turned out the best baked potatoes I’ve ever had. The potatoes are cut in half lengthwise and place cut side down over a pat of butter in cast-iron skillet. The skillet is heated to 350 degrees and I took the potatoes to 200 degrees and flipped them to finish until they reached 212 degrees. This recipe was actually written for the oven, but by doing it on the Egg I was able to add a hint of wood smoke using hickory wood chips. The potatoes had a crispy skin and the cut side was crispy, plus buttery flavored too. A little more butter at the table and these potatoes were the best baked potatoes I have ever had. Less prep than normal and more taste. “Less is More”.

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  SOURCE:  Weber's Way to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  April 4, 2009
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These carrots are par-boiled and marinated prior to going on the grill fro direct grilling over Medium heat. When the carrots come off the grill they are brushed with some more of the glaze and sprinkled with fresh Italian parsley. The marinade gives the carrots great flavor. Even though only two teaspoons of orange zest are used the carrots have a wonderful citrus flavor.

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  SOURCE:  Grill to Perfection
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 13, 2014
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These potatoes are relatively simple to do on a conventional grill, but offer some challenges on the Big Green Egg. The recipe calls for using both direct and indirect grilling. The potatoes are thin sliced and tossed with a simple, but tasty seasoning. They are fanned out in a cast iron skillet and then it's out to the Egg where they are started at high direct heat. I used the Adjustable Rig to give me several levels of shelves and heat. The pan was moved up high on the Ar and were cooked uncovered and then covered by foil. To finish they are returned to high direct heat to help loosen the potatoes from the pan. The potatoes come out as a single unit and are cut up into wedges for serving like slices pie. They had a bit of a crusty texture and excellent flavor. They were so good I was asked to make them again for the next meal I made.

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  SOURCE:  How to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  August 28, 2008
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Adding smoke to baked potatoes is a simple but significant change. To start the potatoes are washed and then seasoned with olive oil, kosher salt & black pepper. The potatoes are slow smoked until they are done with some smoking wood added at regular intervals. What was surprising was the addition of smoke had everyone eating the skins, including people who normal don't eat the skins.

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  SOURCE:  How to Grill
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  December 2, 2006
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This is the same recipe for sweet potatoes as described above for SMOKED POTATOES. The sweet potatoes are washed, seasoned and slow smoked on the grill. As with potatoes, the simple addition of wood smoke makes these so much better tasting than normal baked sweet potatoes.

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  SOURCE:  Wicked Good Burgers
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 18, 2013
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This is a simply but very tasty recipe for sweet potato fries. The potatoes are washed, cut into wedges and are tossed with olive oil, salt & pepper. Then they go out to the grill where they are grilled indirectly. After they come off the grill, they are seasoned with a spicy seasoning prior to serving.

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  SOURCE:  Taste of Home Magazine - Grill It!
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  May 28, 2011
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This was a tasty easy to make potato recipe. Cubed russet potatoes, parmesan cheese and some seasonings were added to a foil packet which is heated for about 40 minutes. Two other cheeses and bacon are added to finish. These potatoes had great flavor and I have zero leftovers when ever I make these.

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  SOURCE:  Slow Fire
  DATE FIRST COOKED:  February 22, 2014
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These potatoes are partially baked, or more precisely smoked low and slow, until they are nearly cooked. Then they are cut in half and the potato halves have the potato pulp scooped out and reserved to make a tasty filling with other ingredients. The filling is scooped back into the potato shells and the potatoes are returned to the smoker to finish. I have several photo entries for twice grilled or twice smoked potatoes in the Veggies section of the site. The primary difference is the filling ingredients. These are my favorites at this point in time. But part of the fun is trying new and different fillings.


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