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GRILL GAZEBO - 2012-Present

  Date: September 10, 2012
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More Info:
When my second EZ-Up shelter didn't last more than it's first summer, I needed a different approach to sheltering my grills. The few prefab solutions wre very pricy and were half the size I needed. Plus they were not necessarily sturdy enough to remain up during the winter. The day after my EZ-Up failed, I drew up rough plans for a shelter made out of pressure treated lumber so I could get a preliminary price on the materials. It was not as pricy as I expected and I started turning the sketches into working drawings to begin working out some of the details.

The last piece of the puzzle was kismet. Work was being done at that time on the inside of the house. The G.C. had a last minute opening in his schedule. Some cabinets were going to be one week late being delivered to another job. My grill gazebo would be a perfect filler for his schedule and said he could give me a real good price on it. So in a little less than a week my grill gazebo went from "wish list item" to paper to reality and I couldn't be happier.
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