The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


  Date: September 07, 2014
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The Big Green Egg is a Ceramic Kamado Cooker. It descends from Japanese cookers from 3,000 plus years ago and is also related to Persian Tandoris. The egg shape of the kamado cooker serves to reflect the heat back from the round dome back onto the food and serves to make for an even cook. The 1" thick ceramic walls serve to help insulate the cooker and retain the heat which makes for a fast recovery. This kamado cooker is very well insulated and has very precise temperature control. It uses natural lump charcoal and because of its insulating properties is very stingy on charcoal. When you are done you close off the dampers on the cooker and the fire goes out. You are able to reuse the lump charcoal over several sessions.

The advocates of this style of cooker say it is great for all kinds of cooking: Grilling, Smoking & even Baking. The good seal that you get helps retain more of the moisture in the food than you do with a metal gas or charcoal grill. The insulation properties prove very useful in the winter or on windy days. The Big Green Egg (BGE) is the most popular kamado style cooker and has a huge almost cult like following of users called EggHeads. There are also a wide variety of accessories, often called Eggcessories, for this grill.
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