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Clean Up Your Act-Baking Tip

This tip is for those of you who own a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Anyone else you are probably wasting your time. I have been doing a lot more baking of breads, desserts and pizzas since I got my Big Green Egg. It is an excellent outdoor often, not unlike a small domed brick oven. This tip covers a KA accessory mixing blade I picked up which makes the use of my mixer quicker and safer, as well as making the cleanup quicker and easier too. The blade is called the KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater Blade.


The first photo shows the Flat Beater Blade that comes with the KA, The second photo is the Flex Edge Beater Blade.

The Flex Edge Beater Blade is intended to be used in place of the Flat Beater Blade. It is essentially a Flat Beater Blade with a windshield wiper like flexible blade fitted to one side. The flexible blade is intended to scrape the sides of the bowl and keep the bowl clean. Your mixing process is quicker because you don’t have to keep stopping the mixer to scrape down the sides with a spatula. For those of us who try to scrape the sides of the bowl while the mixer is running, it is both quicker AND safer. At first blush it doesn’t appear that this blade is doing much. It only make contact with a small 11/2” wide portion of the bowl per revolution. Each revolution it cleans off a different section of the bowl. After a dozens or so revolutions the sides are cleaned off. The dough may build back up on the sides, but it just keeps getting cleaned off. When your turn off the mixer, the sides of the bowl a clean from the top of the blade down. This blade seems to trap a little more dough at the bottom point of the blade, but this is minor. The blade is also dish washer safe for easy clean up.


The Flex Edge Beater Blade in action. You can see where sections of the side of the bowl have been swept clean. You will also notice I am using the plastic pouring shield where I am adding ingredients to this dough and some folks said the Flex Edge Beater Blade throws the batter around. I have noticed no difference so far for the types of doughs or batters I make.

For me this blade works as advertised. Most of the recipes I do have the mixer on low speeds and at those speeds they work like a charm. Some folks have reported that at higher speeds, the dough goes flying out of the bowl. As I said this hasn’t been a problem for me, but the first thing I would try is using the splatter shield cover that came with my mixer. There is a third party flexible plastic blade called the Metro Design Beater Blade. This one was $10.00 cheaper and was made of plastic. I saw some videos of it in action vs the KA Flex Edge blade and the results were inconclusive. I didn’t notice a significant difference in how well it cleaned. I did notice less dough clung to the Metro blade when you turned it off. The main thing that disqualified the Metro blade in my eyes was it’s “One size fits all” design. KA makes several versions of their blade to suit their different models and and bowl styles. The phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. One thing in the Metro Blades favor is dough did not seem to stick to it when you turned the mixer off.

The KA Flex Edge Beater Blade comes in multiple version to suit the model(s) of KA mixer it is to be used with. Be very careful which model you order to avoid potentially damaging your mixer or bowl. I bought mine at a store and I didn’t feel choosing the right model to be rocket science. But I saw enough people online complaining the blade didn’t fit their unit, that it may be more confusing to some folks. Hang onto your sales receipt until you know it fits your mixer.
  • Some folks reported the blade threw batter around when using higher speeds. At the two slowest speeds I had no issues. If you regularly use higher speeds for the type of mixing you do, hang on to your sales receipt and check out the blade at the higher speeds you use.
  • Until you are sure how the blade works in terms of throwing food around, you might want to use the plastic pouring shield for the top of the mixing bowl.
  • I posted a tip here called EFFORTLESS SHREDDED MEAT where I described using the Flat Beater Blade to easily shred and pull meat. I would NOT ever use the Flex Edge Blade for this task as I think it would put too much strain on the motor.
  • The blade pressing against the side of the bowl and its direction of rotation can serve to twist the bowl onto the mixer base even tighter than you put it on originally. It can take quite a bit of work to twist it off again. Make sure you know which direction you need to turn the bowl to remove it. BTW that would be counterclockwise as you look down on the bowl.

If you are tired of stopping the mixer and scraping down the sides of your mixing bowl, you might want to try the KA Flex Edge Beater Blade for your model Kitchen Stand Mixer. Just be sure to read the Things to Look Out For listed above. If you own another brand stand mixer besides KitchenAid you could look into the Metro Design Beater Blade which is said to fit several other brands of stand mixers as well. Bottom line: You need to Clean Up Your Act.

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