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CyberQ Cold Weather Tip

I picked up a CyberQ WiFi temperature controller last December and have used it on several occasions where the temperatures were close to zero (-18C). Somewhere between 20 degrees (-7C) and 0 (-18C) the material on the O-ring sealer on the blower motor becomes stiff and it is very hard to insert blower motor into the adaptor all the way. There is a simple fix to this and that is the subject of this tip.

This tip would apply to either the medium Pit Viper Fan or the larger Pit Bull Fan on any grill or smoker. There is a round O-ring seal on the end of the round coupler of the blower motor. This coupler fits into the round “pipe” projecting from the adaptor plate that covers the lower draft door on the Egg (in my case). The first time I tried fitting the Pit Viper into the adaptor plate when the temps were near 0, it did not want go in at all. I was able to push it about 1/3 of the way in, not quite up to the fluted rings that start near the bottom half of the coupler. Even getting the blower unit halfway on took considerable effort and I didn’t dare use more force. I lit the Egg and headed back into the Kitchen for 30 minutes while the CyberQ got the Egg up to temperature. As I was walking out the door from my Kitchen to bring the meat out to my Egg, I heard a clunk coming from the direction of the Egg. It turned out this was the blower unit falling out, I just couldn’t see it due to the snow drifts everywhere. As I got closer I heard the blower unit cycling on and off continuously and it was louder than normal. Once I got in front of my Egg I could see why: the blower unit had fallen out of the Egg and was sitting on the counter top of the cabinet below. I went to reinsert it and found it slid in with the norma amount of resistance. It seems what had happened is once the Egg had warmed up and the metal of the adaptor had expanded, the blower unit was able to slide in normally.


I had several questions about my new guru which I emailed to the BBQ Guru Company. I received a prompt reply and the answer to this one was very simple. Simply rub the O-ring gasket of the blower unit with some canola oil prior to using it in the extremely cold weather. I simply put some canola oil on a paper towel and rub the paper towel all around the O-ring. Simple. I have used the CyberQ three times since this initial incident, in extremely cold temps and have had zero problems attaching the blower unit. So don’t try to force the blower unit on in the cold weather simply use canola oil.

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