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Photo/Prep Tip-Shoot the Label

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When you think Kitchen prep, the first tool that comes to mind certainly isn’t a camera. But a camera can play a very, very useful role as part of your standard prep. Before you get rolling with your prep, take the time to take a picture of the label(s) of your meat, fish or fowl. This picture will pay many benefits down the road.

Most digital cameras these days have a macro mode that allows you to get up close and get good focus on relatively small items like the food label that gets put on the food item in the store. If the item I am shooting is too round, I’ll remove the label first and stick it to a flat surface before taking the picture. So what does having a picture do for you?

  • The label tells you within a few days when you cooked the item in question.
  • The Sell by/Use by date gives you an idea of how long the item is good for. This will give you a clue of how much ahead of time you can buy the item.
  • The label tells you the weight you bought. This is helpful when trying to figure out cooking time. It also gives you an idea of how much you need to buy to feed X amount of people.
  • The label tells you the grade you purchased & the price paid. This helps you in planning & budgeting for your next meal.
  • This may sound a bit odd, but the label tells you where you bought the item. Not all stores carry all cuts of meat. The picture of the label shows you where you bought the item the last time.
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