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Use Plumbing T's on BGE Plate Setter-BGE Tip

This tip is not something I came up with. It was a piece of advice I saw on the BGE Egghead forum from long time user Mickey. A BGE dealer near Boston also suggestted something similar too. Basically the theory is this: you don’t want to put a baking or casserole dish, or a pizza stone directly on the ceramic platform of the BGE plate setter. The bottom of your food, baked item, pizza crust etc will cook to fast. Having a slight air space between the plate setter and dish or pizza stone solves this problem and the bottoms of the food don’t cook up faster than the rest. I will admit that I didn’t understand why there was a problem in need of a solution here and initially I resisted doing anything about it. But enough people tried Mickey’s elution and posted on the Egghead forum that it had indeed worked, that I finally gave it a try. I will have to admit the bottoms of my baked good,s pizza crusts and other foods are indeed coming out better and more evenly cooked.

Getting a space is fairly easy to accomplish. Mickey’s solution was to use some 1/2” plumbing fittings called T’s for joining a branch line to a main line. These are readily available at any hardware store, home center or plumbing supply house. You simply put the T’s laying on their sides on the plate setter under the item you will be cooking in. I bought 6 to accommodate larger sizes and/or odd shapes. I started using them on Thanksgiving for my turkey and the 3 items I baked on the Egg and I could indeed notice the difference. So even if you are skeptical give it a try. It is short money to make a noticeable improvement. Thanks again to Mickey from the BGE Egghead forum. If someone else gave the idea to Mickey, thanks to you too.
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