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Round Cheese, Square Slice

This quick tip comes from a recent experience trying to make a classic Queen Margherita Pizza. One of the elements of a Queen Margherita Pizza is provolone cheese, ROUND slices of provolone cheese. Until this particular day I don’t think I’d ever seen a square piece of provolone cheese, so imagine my surprise when there wasn’t a round slice of provolone cheese to be had at the supermarket. Not at the deli, the cheese bar or the packaged cheese slices in the dairy aisle. So I had some square slices of provolone cut for me at the deli and decided “Necessity is a mother". The solution to getting round slices from a square slice was unexpected, but proved to be rather easy.

My first thought was I would place one of my round glass measuring bowls upside down on the cheese and score it with a knife. I wasn’t sure if I was going to simply trace it with the knife to score it at which point I’d finish it with Kitchen shears or try to trace the bowl and cut the cheese with the knife. As I was reaching for my glass bowl, I spotted some small lidded plastic storage containers. These proved to be the perfect solution. They were the right diameter and, unlike the glass bowls, they had a thin somewhat sharp rim perfect for cutting the cheese. So the simply solution was to simply place the plastic container on the cheese and press down. The end result was a perfectly round slice of provolone.



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