The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
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  MOTIVATION:This section is a bit of an experiment. It occurred to me that there are certain procedures that are done regularly when cooking, which become second nature to you. For someone just starting out, or someone who is trying a new procedure for the first time these procedures are a bit of a mystery. Since I take pictures during my cooks, it occurred to me I might be able to take a few extra pictures and use them to document some of these procedures. The result is this new section on Tips & How To’s.

Time will tell whether I expand this section or not. To help get things rolling I used some quick tips from my 2011,2010 & 2009 blog. The first two new tips were more time consuming than I bargained for, so I will have to see if they are helpful to folks or not. I have activated commenting on this section of the site. Please add a comment to let me know if these tips are helpful to you.


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